When choosing a replica watch, the watch brand is often considered

When choosing a watch, many people often consider whether the brand and appearance of the watch are enough to attract them. They can usually wear the watch for many years without knowing the movement model of their watch replica breitling, until the watch is repaired and maintained by chance. It was only when I heard the replica watch repair master casually mentioned that I had a first understanding of the watch movement.

The movement is equivalent to the heart of the replica watch, and the precise timing depends on the performance of the movement. Now the timekeeping function of the replica watch is weakening day by day, and the watch is more like a status symbol decoration. But even so, experienced watch friends are still very fond of the movement model in the process of choosing a replica watch, while most brands keep silent about the movement. Why?

Recently, some watch friends said that they had fancy a replica watch, but they couldn't find the movement model, so I asked if I knew it. Although the movement used in Athens is officially used as an automatic movement, it is actually the UN815 movement, and the UN815 movement is actually the SW300 movement. The ETA2892 movement was originally used before, and there are many subsequent ETA movement reductions. All watch brands will switch to the SW movement.

The reason why most watch brands keep silent about the movement model and use the automatic movement is mainly because most watch brands use the same ETA movement or SW movement. Although they use the same movement, the price of watches varies greatly depending on the brand's positioning. They have reached a consensus in the industry in order to take care of consumers' emotions. As mentioned above, the price of watches mainly depends replica Hublot on the brand's positioning. Often it has little to do with the movement.

Some watch friends said that they have two replica watches, one Cartier and one IWC. I like IWC more but I accidentally broke the movement of IWC, so Cartier doesn't wear it much. I want to buy a new IWC. I told him that the two watches use exactly the same movement. If Cartier doesn't wear it often, you can just take it out and install it on the replica IWC watch, so you don't have to spend money to buy it.