Quartz replica watches are accurate and cheaper than mechanical replica watches

With the improvement of living standards, wearing a watch has become a trend to show one's identity. Some people have been wondering that the modern society no longer needs a timekeeping tool like replica watches, but why mechanical watches are becoming more and more expensive. It is clear that quartz replica watches are more accurate and cheaper than mechanical watches, but why are more and more people buying mechanical watches?

First of all, the timekeeping function of a mechanical replica watch in modern society has been weakened a lot, and it is more like a luxury ornament. Its most important role is to let most people know that it is expensive at a glance according to different brand positioning and different price points. Compared to hanging the luxury replica panerai car keys on the waistband, wearing a watch will look more elegant and eye-catching.

As for quartz watches, they are more accurate and cheaper than mechanical replica watches, but why are they not expensive and more marketable than mechanical watches? The main reason is that mechanical replica watches are more prone to breakage. The previous quartz storm did hit the Swiss watch industry, but quartz replica watches did not become the king. Throughout the history of business, you will find an interesting phenomenon. Any company with super-quality and slow product upgrades will eventually go bankrupt.

There are more parts in the movement of a mechanical replica watch. Because it is easy to break, the replacement is naturally fast. People in the entire industry chain, from brand owners to counters to sales personnel, parts factories and maintenance personnel are all beneficiaries, and all end parties are beneficiaries. They, as professionals, will be the beneficiaries. To popularize all kinds of mechanical watches to the masses, the entire industry chain is in a replica Blancpain healthy and sustainable development. This is the key to the popularity of mechanical watches.

The more high-end replica watch repair shops on the market open, it is enough to prove that the demand for watch repair and maintenance is great, which means that the maintenance rate of mechanical replica watches is very high. The profit of watch repair and maintenance is much higher than the profit of selling replica watches, so most watch friends who have experience in watch repair and maintenance will feel that the water is deep inside. As a senior watch friend, let novices know about the things that need to be paid attention to in watch repair and maintenance.