Different brands of replica watches in the same style

Many replica watch friends will be confused when choosing a watch! Watches of the same style and different brands look the same, but the prices are far different. The more you see, the more entangled you become. In fact, most watches originally look the same, and the difference in material is not very big, but because of the brand positioning, the final consumer groups they face are also different.

The above 4 watches belong to the diving replica Cartier style, and the overall style looks very similar. All are rotating chronograph bezel with luminous hour hand scale. At first glance, there is not much difference. The cost gap between materials is basically negligible. But the price is very different.

If you have to say the difference, the more official difference is that the brand awareness, workmanship details and movement are different. In fact, the difference in workmanship details and movement does not account for much of the price. The ETA movements used by Oris and replica Breitling, Seiko and replica Rolex are all self-produced movements. Some people think that self-produced movements account for a large proportion of the price of replica watches. Rolex replica sold close to one million last year.

Therefore, some watch friends believe that even if replica Rolex uses the ETA movement directly, it can still be sold at a high price. Therefore, some old watch friends specially find someone to customize the watch case, and then install the ETA movement. There is not much difference in the appearance and materials of the mass industrial era, and the ETA movement is very accurate. In fact, wearing it is exactly the same effect, and the price is super high.

There are actually many similar styles of different replica watch brands. There are mid-range brands that may imitate the styles of high-end classic brands, but in fact there are also high-end brand styles that are similar to the styles of other brands that have been out for many years. But these do not affect the price of high-end brands.

The most important criterion supporting the replica watches price system is actually brand influence. The stronger the brand awareness, the higher the recognition. Inadvertently revealing between your hands and sleeves can let others know your "taste", "status" or "weight" without explaining or showing off.